Monika Bhatia, DDS

Membership Plan

Annual Cost of Discounted Dental Club

Annual Fee: 350.00

● 2 Examinations ● All necessary X-Rays
● 2 Cleanings ● 2 Floride Treatments
● 2 Emergency Visits ● Up to 20% off all dental fees

No Hassle Dental Plan

Services and fees are guaranteed for one year. The enrollment fee is NON-refundable. Enrollment is good for one year can not be transferred to another person.
Boken appointments will be charged a broken appointment fee.

Payment for all services are arranged prior to the beginning of any services of treatment. This plan provides regular cleanings twice a year, all necessary X-rays, and two fluoride treatments.

If periodontal maintenance is recommended every 3-4 months you will be charged at the discount rate.

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