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Extractions services offered in Hicksville, NY

A tooth extraction might not sound ideal, but modern techniques and anesthesia make the process simpler and more comfortable than it was in the past. At the office of Monika Bhatia, DDS, in Hicksville, New York, you can get a simple or surgical extraction from the skillful team. To schedule your next visit and find out if you need an extraction, call Monika Bhatia, DDS, or book an appointment online today. 

Extractions Q & A

What are extractions?

Tooth extraction is a procedure to remove a tooth from your mouth for a number of reasons: whether it’s causing problems, may cause problems in the future, or you need more space in your mouth. Whatever the reason, extractions are nothing to fear, and there are many options available to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

When do I need an extraction?

If you need an extraction, or if a tooth extraction would benefit your oral health and function in any way, your dentist at Monika Bhatia, DDS, lets you know why you need one and what the benefit would be. While keeping your natural teeth in place sounds preferable under most circumstances, sometimes an extraction is necessary. 

You might need an extraction because of:

  • Excessive tooth decay
  • A deep tooth infection or abscess
  • Crowded teeth
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatment

One of the most common extractions is wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth, which are often impacted below the gumline, are located in the far back of your mouth in both the upper and lower arch. They’re the last to come in and can cause crowding for many people. 

Which type of extraction should I get?

There are two extraction techniques that the team at Monika Bhatia, DDS, uses to remove teeth:

Simple extractions

You can think of simple extractions of rather like removing a loose tooth when you’re a child. It’s the simpler method of the two and involves gripping the tooth (usually with forceps) and pulling it out of its socket.

Surgical extractions

Surgical extractions are a bit more complex and usually require stronger anesthesia. Your dentist makes an incision in the gum to access an impacted tooth or the remainder of a tooth that has broken off. They might need to section the tooth and remove it in pieces. 

Do extractions hurt?

Without anesthesia, tooth extractions would be very painful. Fortunately, anesthesia is available, and the majority of extractions are fully painless after local anesthesia alone. However, you will likely experience discomfort in the days or weeks after an extraction as your mouth heals. 

You must follow instructions from your dentist closely when it comes to healing after an extraction. This includes:

  • Taking pain medications according to their instructions
  • Using an ice pack intermittently
  • Sticking with soft foods for a few days
  • Propping your head up while lying down
  • Changing the gauze after it soaks

These instructions aid in healing, and can also help make your recovery more comfortable. You might need to take a few days off work as you heal from an extraction.

Find out more about tooth extractions and how to prepare for one by calling Monika Bhatia, DDS, or by scheduling your next appointment online today.