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Periodontal Health services offered in Hicksville, NY

Your periodontal health reflects your overall health, so maintaining the health of your gums through brushing, flossing, and deep cleanings is an essential part of oral hygiene. At the office of Monika Bhatia, DDS, in Hicksville, New York, the team emphasizes the importance of periodontal health and offers advanced care for gum disease. To book your next visit, call Monika Bhatia, DDS, or schedule online today.

Periodontal Health Q & A

What is periodontal health?

Periodontal health refers to the health of the gums and tissues in your mouth. The health of these supportive structures is just as important as the health of your teeth themselves. 

In fact, studies show that periodontal health is strongly linked to your overall health, so there are widespread benefits to paying close attention to your gums.

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, comes in a few varieties depending on the severity of the infection. When bacteria builds up on your teeth and makes its way under your gums, the tissue becomes inflamed and bleeds easily.

You might notice other signs too, like tooth sensitivity or gum recession. Eventually, the teeth can loosen and fall out entirely.

Even if you notice no symptoms, you might still have a milder form of gum disease called gingivitis. During your routine visits at Monika Bhatia, DDS, your dentist examines your teeth and gums for signs of gum issues. 

How can I improve my periodontal health?

Improving or maintaining your own periodontal health is relatively easy. The key is to take care of your overall oral hygiene and use the proper techniques for your maintenance routine. You can even reverse mild cases of gum disease by improving your oral hygiene. 

To maintain your periodontal health, you should:

  • Brush thoroughly twice a day
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Never skip a dental exam and cleaning
  • Get dental X-rays when your dentist recommends them
  • Avoid smoking
  • Make sure any bridges fit properly

If you’re not sure how you could improve your brushing technique, the team at Monika Bhatia, DDS, is happy to demonstrate or explain the best way to brush your teeth thoroughly. They also offer treatments for gum disease when it’s too advanced to treat on your own. 

Which treatments are available for periodontal health?

Monika Bhatia, DDS, can treat gum disease once it goes beyond its early and manageable stage. When plaque and tartar (hardened bacterial buildup) accumulate under your gums, one option to remove them is called scaling and root planing. This can only happen in the dental office.

During scaling and root planing, your dentist carefully scrapes away the buildup from the surfaces of your teeth. Then, they use special instruments to smooth the roots of your teeth, which are partially exposed due to gum recession. Smoothing the roots encourages your gums to reconnect with them.

Laser periodontal therapy is another option for gum disease treatment. Powerful laser devices can safely separate the gum from the root of the tooth to make scaling and root planing easier for your dentist. Lasers offer accuracy and precision that less modern dental treatments cannot promise.

For more information about periodontal health and how you can improve it, call Monika Bhatia, DDS, for an appointment or schedule online today.